[TRNSYS-users] thermal storage wall

Pietro Filippi P.Filippi at niering.it
Tue Dec 21 02:09:15 PST 2004

dear TRNSYS users,
I would like to give a trombe wall glazing a thermal mass in order to
model a kind ok ventiladed facade. As long as this type is made, the
glazing is massless and we loose part of the chimeny effect induced into
the air in the gap between the glazing and the wall. I suppose I have to
modify the type 36...how to do it? (note I am using TRNSYS 15).
any suggestion in welcome.
thanks in advance 
merry xmas and happy new year to all!...:-)
Ing. Pietro Filippi
Nier Ingegneria SpA
Via Altabella 3, 40126 Bologna
tel: +39 051234359
fax: +39 051239530
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