[TRNSYS-users] Problems with Type185

Øystein Ulleberg oysteinu at ife.no
Fri Dec 3 00:11:31 PST 2004

Dear Giuseppe,

I would like to inform you that this problem has been fixed long time ago
(see attached document).  Please contact Michaël Kummert to get the latest
version of TYPE180.

Best regards
Øystein Ulleberg
IFE, Norway

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Hi trnsys users,

I am working with battery models in trnsys (Type 47) and hydrogems (Type
185). In particular, I have noticed that  Type185, the battery implemented
by Ulleberg, has a trouble when a discharge current is applied: SOC grows
rather than decrease !?!.
What can I do to discover the bug or resolve the problem?
Thanks a lot.
Giuseppe Tina

Giuseppe Marco TINA, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Dip. di Ing. Elettrica, Elettronica e dei Sistemi (D.I.E.E.S.)
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