[TRNSYS-users] Problems with Type185

David Bradley bradley at tess-inc.com
Thu Dec 2 06:40:54 PST 2004

   I noticed that problem as well and found that the error has been 
corrected in the code of Type185 but not in the compiled DLL that comes 
with the TRNSYS 15 Hydrogems installation. If you have access to a Fortran 
compiler and are comfortable recompiling the DLL yourself, you can do so. 
If not, please either contact your distributor to have them recompile the 
DLL for you or please send me your user.id file so that I can determine 
which components should be included in your DLL and then I can compile one 
for you.
Kind regards,

At 05:59 AM 12/2/2004, Giuseppe Marco Tina wrote:
>Hi trnsys users,
>I am working with battery models in trnsys (Type 47) and hydrogems (Type 
>185). In particular, I have noticed that  Type185, the battery implemented 
>by Ulleberg, has a trouble when a discharge current is applied: SOC grows 
>rather than decrease !?!.
>What can I do to discover the bug or resolve the problem?
>Thanks a lot.
>Giuseppe Tina
>Giuseppe Marco TINA, Ph.D.
>Associate Professor
>Dip. di Ing. Elettrica, Elettronica e dei Sistemi (D.I.E.E.S.)
>Università degli Studi di Catania
>v.le Andrea Doria n.6
>95125 Catania, Italy
>Tel       +39-095-7382337
>Fax       +39-095-330793
>E-mail    <mailto:gtina at diees.unict.it>gtina at diees.unict.it

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