[Equest-users] eQuest Floor Multiplier vs System Multiplier

Calvin Chu cchu at brightpower.com
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Hi Daric,

I've struggled with this issue a lot too when I first started modeling;
what do you mean floor multipliers don't also apply to the HVAC systems?!

is this behavior correct with other’s experience?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe HVAC system capacities should be
reflective of all respective zones *including *multipliers, rather than of
a single zone with no multipliers. For example, 30000 BTU/H should be
entered for the cooling capacity of an HVAC system with a zone of floor
multiplier 3, rather than 10000 BTU/H for the same zone.

There is no means within eQuest to specify a Systems multiplier?

I don't think there is a way to specify an HVAC system multiplier in

Hope this helps,

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> Fellow eQuesters;
> Am running into some confusion on the use of multipliers; and how the
> do/don’t appear to cascade out to HVAC Systems. If I create a 10 story
> building in the DD Wizard with ‘use multipliers’ checked and ‘HVAC System
> per Level’, this creates a building with the area of the 10 story building,
> on 3 floors, with 3 HVAC systems. Granted the middle floor has a floor
> multiplier of 8, which is linked to the spaces and zones – but not the
> systems. Thus, it is really 3 AHU’s – top, bottom, and a much larger AHU
> for the middle floor(s).
> I have been unable to find anything in the documentation that say ‘oh, by
> the way, this is floor multipliers don’t multiple HVAC Systems’ or ‘Don’t
> use this if you really do have multiple HVAC system.” Which is both odd,
> but unsurprising all at the same time.
> This approach could impact model performance, especially if performance
> curves do not scale in a multiplier fashion or if one is unaware of this
> behavior and looks up incorrect efficiencies based on the ‘multiplied’
> unit’s capacity. It also impacts reporting to LEED/Code if they see 3
> systems (from my example) and not the 10 AHU’s/RTU’s scheduled.
> Question is two part:
>    1. is this behavior correct with other’s experience?
>    2. There is no means within eQuest to specify a Systems multiplier?
> I see where multipliers *could* be used, but that isn’t my applciation
> here.
> Thanks,
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