[Equest-users] eQuest Floor Multiplier vs System Multiplier

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Hi Daric!

The behavior you've described in your first paragraph has me nodding - sounds expected.  But I think you're in luck today!

If you want a 'middle,' multiplied shell representing 7 levels to be served by 7 equally sized systems, then you need to specify NUMBER-OF-UNITS (and not be using a zonal system type to enable this input).

From:  Volume 2: Dictionary > HVAC Components > SYSTEM > Simulation/Staging of Multiple Identical Air Handlers
[cid:image001.png at 01D55CE9.7DC70CF0]

[cid:image002.png at 01D55CE9.7DC70CF0]
[cid:image005.png at 01D55CE9.E3B939C0]

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Fellow eQuesters;
Am running into some confusion on the use of multipliers; and how the do/don't appear to cascade out to HVAC Systems. If I create a 10 story building in the DD Wizard with 'use multipliers' checked and 'HVAC System per Level', this creates a building with the area of the 10 story building, on 3 floors, with 3 HVAC systems. Granted the middle floor has a floor multiplier of 8, which is linked to the spaces and zones - but not the systems. Thus, it is really 3 AHU's - top, bottom, and a much larger AHU for the middle floor(s).

I have been unable to find anything in the documentation that say 'oh, by the way, this is floor multipliers don't multiple HVAC Systems' or 'Don't use this if you really do have multiple HVAC system." Which is both odd, but unsurprising all at the same time.

This approach could impact model performance, especially if performance curves do not scale in a multiplier fashion or if one is unaware of this behavior and looks up incorrect efficiencies based on the 'multiplied' unit's capacity. It also impacts reporting to LEED/Code if they see 3 systems (from my example) and not the 10 AHU's/RTU's scheduled.

Question is two part:

  1.  is this behavior correct with other's experience?
  2.  There is no means within eQuest to specify a Systems multiplier?

I see where multipliers could be used, but that isn't my applciation here.

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