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First, the heating type in TRNBuild is quite separate from the energy 
delivered by a radiant floor. If you have defined and are feeding hot 
water to a radiant floor then you should turn off the heating type in 
that zone. If you don't then the heating type will automatically keep 
the zone at the desired setpoint and your radiant floor will not have 
anything to do.

Second, you have to decide how you want to define the energy delivered 
to the radiant floor. If you compute q = m Cp (Tin - Tout) on the liquid 
side of the radiant floor then you are looking at the amount of energy 
that was delivered to the radiant floor from the liquid loop. You'll 
need to look through the Type56 outputs for the liquid outlet 
temperature for your radiant floor. All the other variables (m, Cp, and 
Tin) will come from the component upstream of the radiant floor.

If, on the other hand, you want to see how much energy was delivered 
from the radiant floor to the zone then you'll need to look at the 
Type56 QCOMI output. The different between the two (QCOMI and the energy 
delivered from the loop to the floor) is the amount of energy that is 
being stored in the floor for the current time step.
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On 05/21/2018 01:32, berkane ahlem via TRNSYS-users wrote:
> Hello sirs,
> How can i define energy  delivered by a radiant floor in heating 
> type(heating power) .I define an active layer in the floor of building 
> in TRNBuild)
> Thank you
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