[TRNSYS-users] severe 408 when generating ISM and SHM matrix

Marion Hiller Hiller at Transsolar.com
Tue May 8 06:42:20 PDT 2018

Dear Karol,

The shading algorithm tries to access element 41 of the array INTSOLON which is defined for 40 elements only.
We do have these kinds of checks active for all our routines in order avoid wrong results due to mismatch.

Without having a look at your project, it is impossible to give further advice.
You may send your project directly to hotline at transsoar.com<mailto:hotline at transsoar.com> for debugging.

Please indicate which version of Trnsys you are using as well as your Trnsys license number.


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Betreff: [TRNSYS-users] severe 408 when generating ISM and SHM matrix

Dear Experts,

I have create model of a few zones. When I modify it in some ways and then generate ISM and SHM matrix, then I get error (enclosed). There are two modification that give me this error:

  *   export from TRNBuild to IDF, division of floor/ceiling on a few smaller parts and reimport to TRNSYS, problem appear.
  *   export from TRNBuild to IDF, division of floor/ceiling on smaller parts (but less then above) and then reimport to TRNSYS (ISM and SHM generate without problems), but when I change some floors/ceilings on active layers problem appear again.

I would be grateful for any advice!


Faculty of Civil and Environemntal Engeneering
Division of Heating, Air Conditioning and Air Protection
Poznan University of Technology
www.put.poznan.pl/~karol. bandurski<http://www.put.poznan.pl/~karol.bandurski>

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