[TRNSYS-users] severe 408 when generating ISM and SHM matrix

Karol BANDURSKI karol.bandurski at put.poznan.pl
Sat May 5 05:07:01 PDT 2018

Dear Experts,


I have create model of a few zones. When I modify it in some ways and then
generate ISM and SHM matrix, then I get error (enclosed). There are two
modification that give me this error:

-          export from TRNBuild to IDF, division of floor/ceiling on a few
smaller parts and reimport to TRNSYS, problem appear.

-          export from TRNBuild to IDF, division of floor/ceiling on smaller
parts (but less then above) and then reimport to TRNSYS (ISM and SHM
generate without problems), but when I change some floors/ceilings on active
layers problem appear again.


I would be grateful for any advice!






Faculty of Civil and Environemntal Engeneering

Division of Heating, Air Conditioning and Air Protection

Poznan University of Technology

 <http://www.put.poznan.pl/~karol.bandurski> www.put.poznan.pl/~karol.



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