[TRNSYS-users] humidity of vetilation air

Karol BANDURSKI karol.bandurski at put.poznan.pl
Wed May 16 07:13:51 PDT 2018

Dear Experts,


In Ventilation Type Manager in TRNBuild there is possibility to set
temperature of ventilation air to outside and also humidity to outside.


I have set temperature to 20 and humidity to "relative humidity" and
"outside". What will be value of ventilation air humidity?

1)      Does TRNBuild calculate that by heating up or cooling down outside
air, to setting (20), the relative humidity also change?

2)      If yes: Does TRNBuild take in to account that part of water will
condensate if outside relative humidity is high and set ventilation
temperature is much lower?


Kind regards,




Faculty of Civil and Environemntal Engeneering

Division of Heating, Air Conditioning and Air Protection

Poznan University of Technology

 <http://www.put.poznan.pl/~karol.bandurski> www.put.poznan.pl/~karol.



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