[TRNSYS-users] Problem with QHEAT

Wirich FREPPEL freppelw at noirot.fr
Tue May 15 00:09:57 PDT 2018

Dear TRNSYS users,

In my TRNSYS project I set a heating system, with 16°C and 22°C as night 
and day temperature setpoint, and unlimited power. As the output, I 
chose QHEAT to get the energy needed to reach the setpoint.

However, for any type of weather file, the result is the same. When I 
activate TRNFLOW calculations, QHEAT is constant. When I deactivate it, 
QHEAT is null.

Do you have any explanation?


Ingenieur Doctorant en Recherche & Developpement
Centre R&D de Noirot - Groupe Muller
8 rue Louis Ampere, 02030 Laon
+33 (0)3 23 27 31 99

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