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   Quite true... and while it was well before my time, I was told a 
story that TRNSYS almost got lost before it was ever public. A certain 
graduate student whose identity I will protect was tipped off to draw a 
diagonal line along the top of the deck when all the cards were stacked 
in a box so that if ever they got out of order, it would be easier to 
put them back in order. And a good thing that he took the advice because 
he slipped on ice and dropped the box on the way to the mainframe with 
some simulation or other. The cards went everywhere and were it not for 
that diagonal line, he says he would have given up on the PhD and done 
something else altogether.

   I don't know if those cards still exist but you're right, it would be 
nice to have a collection of them!

On 2/10/2013 09:20, Marcus wrote:
> Hi TRNSYS history buffs;
> I'm finishing up a SimBuild paper, and was hoping to include a 
> sentence on the history of TRNSYS. I've always assumed that the .DCK 
> deck file is so named because it was literally a deck of punch cards 
> for Fortran, back in the good ol' days. Just want to confirm before I 
> write it up. And if anyone has one of these cards, it's worth a beer 
> at Simbuild ;)
> Marcus
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