[TRNSYS-users] Problem with adjacent window

Toni Calabrese toni.calabrese at ost.ch
Mon Mar 15 04:10:26 PDT 2021

I am working in Trnsys18. I have a building model with two thermal zones (Wintergarten and one room) with an external window for the wintergarten and an adjacent window between the two zones. If I set the external shading factor of the external window to 1, I have no solar gains in the two zones, as it should be -> CORRECT!

I tried then to shade just the adjacent window between the two zones (int. shading factor of 1 in TRNBUILD) and I expected solar gains just in the wintergarten, but not in the room. I got solar gains in both zones. It seems that I am not able to shade completely just the adjacent window.

Which is the problem?

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