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There is no need to use Type 155, if you want to use the GA of Matlab. The Type 155 used when your main program is TRNSYS. Consider you run TRNSYS for a duration and find the value of your objective function by TRNSYS now it is time for Matlab to direct your variables to be sent to your TRNSYS dck file for another TRNSYS run. In other words, you should call TRNSYS many time in Matlab. The Type 155 is for calling Matlab in one TRNSYS run for every time step of TRNSYS run. It is quite different.

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Dear TRNSYS users,
I have a question related to the link between TRNSYS and MATLAB to perform an optimization problem through TYPE 155.TRNSYS is a simulator (objective functions evaluated in TRNSYS) and a genetic algorithm is used in matlab (optimal values found in Matlab and then processed to TRNSYS).Are there any clear steps we should follow to do this co-simulation?I have seen that first, we have to parametrize the .dck file? others used GENOPT in order to automate TRNSYS runs and generate deck .dck file and then Matlab is used as an optimizer.Any suggestions regarding this?
Thank you and best regards,Farah

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