[TRNSYS-users] FW: Net radiation received on a specific internal surface - Type 56

K.R. Gunawardena krag2 at cam.ac.uk
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Many thanks David for your response and clarification!

QIBAB and QIDAB would address shortwave absorption. What about the longwave exchange?

I am currently working under the following assumptions:

To get the radiative gains for the internal/indoor wall's surface  =  radiative airnode internal gains received by wall (assumed to be given by QRGAB)  +  solar gains through zone windows received by walls ( assumed as QIBAB + QIDAB or QSIAB as a total?)  +  longwave radiation exchange between this wall and all other walls and windows (QABSILW? not sure about this one).

Your clarification is greatly appreciated!

Best regrads,

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  I often use QIBAB and QIDAB (NTypes 80 and 81). Those are the quantities of radiation absorbed (as opposed to incident) on the inside surface, however.

  Wall gains are specified as totals, not per square metre.

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On 04/09/2021 05:15, K.R. Gunawardena via TRNSYS-users wrote:

I am trying to get clarification on a couple of issues.

I am trying to couple a bespoke component with Type 56 to calculate surface evaporative flux. I want to input the net radiation received on a specific internal surface as an input to this component. Which trnsys output best represents the net radiation energy received by an internal surface?

Second, when specifying a wall gain, do we provide the value for the entire wall or m^2?

Answers are greatly appreciated,
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