[TRNSYS-users] dividing a glazing into several small ones

Marion Hiller Hiller at Transsolar.com
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Hello Wirich,

yes, this is the correct way to do it.


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Hello TRNSYS users,

I would like to divide a glazing surface into several ones, as shown in the figure below. My first guess (using sketch up)  was to draw the entire surface and then divide it into equal glazing surfaces by drawing horizontal lines (in this case, all the glazing surface are linked)
But, it TRNSYS, no glazing surface appear. It seems that the glazings appear only if I separate them to one another by an opaque surface. So, instead of just drawling a line, I let a very small space (0,1 mm) between the glazings and now they all appear in TRNSYS.

My question is : would you have done the same or is there a better method ?

[cid:image001.png at 01D622E3.9901F050]

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