[TRNSYS-users] Using TRNOPT with 64-bit TRNSYS install

Brandon Hathaway brandon.hathaway at sunvapor.net
Tue Jun 23 10:17:49 PDT 2020

Thanks David,

It looks like the TESS DLLs do have _64 appended to all (except for
"TESSArchiveDLL_v17.2.01_Release.dll"). TRNOPT is indeed TRNOPT17.exe
though, so perhaps that was just a mistake for that one library when
putting together the packages for the libraries we had selected.


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On Tue, Jun 23, 2020 at 8:27 AM David BRADLEY <d.bradley at tess-inc.com>

> Brandon,
>  The TESSLibs release that goes with Trnsys18 normally has a TrnOpt18.exe
> in it, which is set up to work with the 64-bit Trnsys18. It sounds as
> though you might be using an older TESSLibs release or one that is intended
> for the 32-bit version of Trnsys18. It might be worth checking in your
> .\Trnsys18\UserLib\ReleaseDLLs\ directory to make sure that all of the TESS
> Library dlls that are contained therein have "_64" in the file name. If
> they don't then please email me and I will get you access to the libs that
> are compatible with 64-bit v18.
> kind regards,
>  David
> On 06/22/2020 14:50, Brandon Hathaway via TRNSYS-users wrote:
> I was attempting to use the optimization library which utilizes GenOpt
> along with my 64-bit installation of TRNSYS18.  I have configured the
> TRNOPT17.exe program for the correct directories, then set up the
> optimization details as desired.
> However, when I hit "Run Optimization" GenOpt terminates with an error.
> Looking at the GenOpt window, it is clear that the error is caused by the
> command string attempting to run "TrnEXE.exe" instead of "TrnEXE64.exe".
> The TRNSYS17.cfg file that is created by TRNOPT17.exe in the
> ./Optimization/GenOpt/Simulation/ folder prior to the run is the source of
> this incorrect reference. This file is automatically generated when you hit
> "Run Optimization" within TRNOPT17.exe prior to calling GenOpt.
> If you edit that .cfg file to point to "TrnEXE64.exe" correctly, you can
> start the optimization by clicking on "File" -> "Start" in WinGenOpt and
> selecting the TRNSYS17.ini
> This is more of a bug-report and advice for others who may run into this
> issue than a request for help, as I've found a workaround. Please consider
> updating TRNOPT17.exe to correctly build the GenOpt files for a 64-bit
> TRNSYS install.
> Thanks,
> -Brandon
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