[TRNSYS-users] Why type11d changes the outlet temperature?

Hooman Azad hooman_azad79 at yahoo.co.uk
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I already tried 11h, still, the outlet temperatures of the mixtures of two identical flows are not the same. I tried to use an equation component instead, to make TRNSYS understand I simply want to mix and divide some flows, with no temperature change, and it worked!

Thanks anyway




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Hooman Azad -

If you are wanting to simply mix two fluid streams together use the "Tee Piece" component (11h) rather than the "Controlled Flow Mixer" component (11d).




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On 2020-06-05 05:10, Hooman Azad via TRNSYS-users wrote:

Dear friends

In Figure 1 the outlets of two collectors (CPC 1 and CPC 2) with the same temperatures are connected to a type11d (Mixer). Although type11d is not supposed to change the temperatures, the mixer’s outlet temperature in Figure 2 is something fixed, not equal to inlet temperatures…. I wonder why.

Thanks for your help



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