[TRNSYS-users] External Shad Factor and Heat Load

Asma Sohail asma.sohail at hotmail.de
Tue Dec 8 03:48:22 PST 2020

Hello TRNSYS-users,

can someone explain me how TRNSYS acts with an external shading, especially in connection with the heat load of a building?

In my simulation I took an external shading into account using Type 2d for control. As I understand it, the shading regulates how much sunlight gets into my room. Can TRNSYS also take the heat storage capacity of a building into account? Because when my external shading is on, my heat load is higher compared to when the shading is off. This is of course because less sunlight gets into the room. But the room should actually also lose less heat when the shading is on. Can TRNSYS only take into account how much solar radiation gets into the room? Or how can I find out how much heat load I can save with the external shading on?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Kind regards,

Asma 🙂

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