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Dr. Bina,

  I would recommend that you first try to get the Matlab example running 
before trying your own coupling. That will ensure that all the potential 
connection problems are sorted out. The Type155 section of the 
04-MathematicalReference manual (located in the 
.\TrnsysXX\Documentation\ directory contains a knowledge base about 
trouble shooting the connection.

kind regards,


On 08/25/2020 04:04, saeid mohammadzadeh via TRNSYS-users wrote:
> Dear users;
> Can anyone please help me how to call a matlab code to TRNSYS, step by 
> step?
> I have a Matlab code that receives a time base data and delivers the 
> output based on those input data. The main objective is to connect 
> these two software that the input data of the Matlab comes from TRNSYS.
> Thank you so much in advance.
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