[TRNSYS-users] Nominal values for type 927

Emre Arpaci emrearpaci10 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 14 11:08:00 PDT 2019

Hi everyone.
I m using type 927 .I will use trane exw060 heat pump ( from here

Now for this heat pump for type 927 parameters are these
rated heating capacity per heat pump :  60,900Btuh = 64252 kj/hr
Rated heating Power per heat pump =  60900Btuh/COP = 60900/3.6
Rated source flowrate per heat pump : 5 ton =     5000 kh/hr
What about rated load flowrate that i will enter type 927  from this
catalog data ? am I correct?
[image: heatppmp.jpg]

 Second thing I entered Rated heating capacity = 64252 kj/hr and rated
heating power 17847 kj/hr    in type 927.
then I looked heat pump power consumption with plotter. the value is going
about 24000 kj/hr .Is this logical , can heat pump power consuption would
be greater than nominal power consuption?

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