[TRNSYS-users] Solar assisted water source heat pump

Emre Arpaci emrearpaci10 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 3 11:14:35 PDT 2019

Hi trnsys users

I modeled a water source heat pump and heated a greenhouse with. that is
okey,everything works normally.

I want to improve that to solar assisted water source heat pump. I read
some articles about modeling the solar assisted heat pump
there are many ways to do it. I confused a bit. I want to make a model like
this. The solar collectors will operate between 8: 00-17: 00 and outler
collector water temperature will be maintained in a 1 cubic meter storage
tank. Then I think to use this hot water as heat source of heat pump for 1
or 2 hours in the evening. I think this model is simular in this article
system 2 (https://www.mdpi.com/1996-1073/9/4/291/pdf)

but ı cant set up this system with trnsys. can you teach me how to model a
basic solar assisted water source heat pump.

Best regards.
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