[TRNSYS-users] How to find the heat gain from the building envelope of a building in TRNSYS using built in commands in TRNBuild output file of type 56?

asmin aryal asmin1243 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 8 01:10:41 PST 2019

I am modelling a building in TRNSYS with radiant cooling panel equipped
with DOAS(Dedicated Outdoor air system) .

I need to calculate the cooling load. I calculated the cooling load by
using "mcdt", the sensible heat taken by the cooling water in the radiant
panel. And the rest is taken by the DOAS(Cooling coil) which is mcdt for
sensible load and mLdt for the cooling load.

I want to check the heat gain from the building envelope, the occupants,
lighting and the equipment and compare it with the cooling load i

Can you please suggest me how to find the gain from the walls,
occupants,equipments and lighting by using the "built in output Q" in

Can you kindly suggest me what "Q" value should i use from the TRNBuild
output file of Type 56?
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