[TRNSYS-users] Request for solution for weather data files

Patxi Sorbet Presentacion psorbet at cener.com
Wed Nov 6 04:30:35 PST 2019

Dear Rajeev,

You could use a generic data reader (Type 9) to access you own data file from the simulation

I guess that you might need also a radiation processor unless you data file provides exactly what you need (e.g. global irradiance in a generic tilted surface or direct irradiance for a concentrating collector with one-axis tracking).

For this purpose Type 16 is available, with different subtypes depending on the input file radiation data format (DNI&DHI…)


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Patxi Sorbet
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Solar Thermal Energy Department


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Asunto: [TRNSYS-users] Request for solution for weather data files

Dear TRNSYS users,

I want to simulate an SWH for New Delhi location in India for a whole year. But the weather data file in Type 15-6 under Meteonorm files (TM2) does not seem correct. Because when I am plotting the radiation profiles for a year it is showing less radiation intensity in summer and greater in winter. Please tell me how can I use the other TMY or CSV weather data file for simulating my system.


Thanks & Regards

Rajeev Awasthi


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