[TRNSYS-users] Energy balance issues with type362

Joaquim Romaní Picas jromani at irec.cat
Fri Jul 12 02:42:21 PDT 2019

Dear users,

I am finding that energy balance issues with type 362. I find that the energy balance does not sum zero in some conditions, I have tooled around finding that the following conditions cause the error>

·         Variable supply temperature.

·         Step signal on mass flow control signal (flow goes from 0 to full), the energy balance fails on first time steps after "ON" signal or first time steps after "OFF".

I feel there is a convergence problem that does not appear on the list file. Supporting this, I tried changing the "convergence tolerance", finding less errors on the energy balance increasing it (from default 0.0001 to 0.001).

I am using type362 in trnsys17 project with a simple room modelled with type 56.

Has anyone experienced this problem? How can it be solved?


Joaquim Romaní
Thermal Energy and Building Performance Group
+34 933 56 26 15 ext. 205
[cid:image003.jpg at 01D3A681.0D4A4700]
Institut de Rercerca en Energia de Catalunya
Catalonia Institute for Energy Research

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