[TRNSYS-users] modeling GSHP for DHW using TRNSYS

Vitor Leite vitorleite95 at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 7 08:28:38 PDT 2019

Hello everyone,

I have TRNSYS18 and as I am getting closer to complete my first model utilizing the program, I have a few questions that could not be answered utilizing search engines on the internet.

The model is basically a GSHP utilizing type 927 (water-water HP), type 534-NoHX (storage tank) and type 557a (GHEX) + pumps, etc ,etc...

My questions are:

1- How can I create the Heat Pump performance data? I already read both Tess and TRNSYS documentation files but they do not explain properly what are the steps necessary to create the performance data file. If what I understand is correct, I just need to change the source and load entering temperatures at the file and the maximum rated capacity and power INSIDE trnsys? or all those must be changed within the data file? I can't find the rated capacity and power inside the data file.

2- I received the file for DHW demand in kWh. What is the best way to evaluate my system and match its size accordingly?

Thank you everyone,


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