[TRNSYS-users] greenhouse desing

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If you don't add any cooling device, the air is going to heat up because of
the greenhouse effect.

You can add the cooling device from TRNBuild, or externally to the building
(the greenhouse in your case) in TRNSYS Studio, making connections to the
type 56.


>    1. greenhouse desing (Emre Arpaci)
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> hi to everyone.
> i have trnsys 17 and i want to desing a basic closed greenhouse with
> trnsys.
>  i sketched my greenhouse with google skecth up. I made all walls and
> roofs in the form of glass.(because
> I want to make every wall of the greenhouse that made of glass  )
> And I import my idf file to trnsys.  And that is all i didnt add any
> ventilation.And a day in january of max temperature 7.5 degrees ,the
> greenhouse max. temperature is  going to 38 celcius degree. is that normal
> ? why this is so high ?
> where am I doing wrong and what else should I add to the greenhouse.
> Actually i m new with trnsys. and I read some article about greenhouse
> some people are adding wind speed to greenhouse etc. İs there anyone to
> explain clearly how to desing greenhouse with trnys.
> All messages are important to me .
> Thanks
> kind regards
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