[TRNSYS-users] I/O error 32 using TRNOPT

Michel Tamarzians micheltamarzians at gmail.com
Sat Nov 10 14:21:34 PST 2018

Dear all,

Once again I need some help with TRNSYS/TRNOPT.
I am trying to do an optimization with the "hybrid for continuous and
discrete variables (VonNeumann)" algorithm which contains the particle
swarm optimization and the hooke-jeeves. However, when doing the
optimization I get an I/O error 32 (see attached screenshots) and the

*Simulation 21: Caught 'genopt.lang.OptimizerException' with message:
does not exist after simulation call.Simulation working directory :
string               : 'C:\Trnsys17\Exe\TRNExe.exe
/h /WAIT '   Try to evaluate simulation a second time.*

When I close the error the optimization continues again and after doing
this two or three times it eventually finds the minimum of the cost
function. Does anyone know what this error could be and how to solve it?
Otherwise I can't be sure how correct the results are ofcourse. Or could be
have to do with the random particles chosen by the algorithm and some of
them falling outside the boundaries?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Kind regards,
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