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The mult-start option is included in the latest version of TRNOPT.
Select Hooke Jeeves and then there's a check box on the Hooke-Jeeves
parameters page for multi-start. 


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On 11/09/2018 11:23 am, David BRADLEY via TRNSYS-users wrote: 

> Michel, 
> You are correct; not all of the optimization methods available in GenOpt are implemented in TRNOpt. TRNOpt is designed to work with a particular version of GenOpt. TRNOPT v17 is designed to work with the GenOpt version 3.0.3 and it may be that the optimization algorithm that you want to use was not implemented in that particular version of GenOpt. If that is the case then you'll unfortunately not be able to use the TRNOpt interface. You can still link up Trnsys with GenOpt but you'll need to do so without the interface (ie following the directions in GenOpt's documentation). 
> kind regards, 
> David 
> On 11/09/2018 08:10, Michel Tamarzians via TRNSYS-users wrote: 
>> Dear all 
>> To optimize my simulation I want to use the embedded GenOpt in TRNSYS (TRNOPT). In the Genopt manual many different algorithms are given, however not all of them are given as an option when running the genopt with a TRNSYS *dck file. For example, the manual speaks of the Hooke-Jeeves method with multiple starting points (Hooke-JeevesMS) but this is not an option in the tabs. Instead the Hooke-Jeeves method with only one starting point can be chosen. Anyone else having the same issue or knows a solution for this? 
>> Many thanks! 
>> Kind regards, 
>> Michel 
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