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oumayma babaharra o.babaharra at gmail.com
Sat Mar 3 11:58:36 PST 2018

dear users
I have a simulation problem, I have a 32-bit version of windows 7  and I
made a 3D modeling on sketchup through TRN3D, later I followed all the
stages of the project through TRNBUILD and studio simulation.
 when I started the simulation on trnsys17, it was not done, the dialog box
was related with a message that the version on which work is already
completed in 30-09-2017.
 I download and install the 2018 version which will end in 30-09-2018, but
the problem of the 2018 version, it is not compatible with the TRNSYS3D
extension of the sketchup I turn in this closed loop and I do not really
know how to get out and find a solution I wonder if you can tell me what I
have to do or where I can download either a sketchup plugin compatible with
the 2018 TRNsys or I find a version TRNSYS2017 in which I will be able to
simulate the simulations or even the signals of evening.

Kind regards

*Tel : + 212 6 49 65 48 78*
*Cordialement *
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