[TRNSYS-users] Adding types to TRNSYS 17

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  You'll need to own both v17 and v18 so that you have access to the 
Type103 source code. You'll also need access to a Fortran compiler so 
that you can make the Type103 source code into a dll. There are a few 
modifications that you'll need to make to the Type103 source code as 
well. Namely, you need to remove the code that deals with writing to the 
SSR (simulation summary report) file. If you have access to both 
versions as well as access to the Fortran compiler, please contact me 
directly and I can help point to the lines of Type103 that you need to 

   I am not familiar with Type1294. If it is part of the TESS Libraries 
then there should be no problem using it with either v17 or v18. If 
Type1294 is a user written component then again, you'd need access to 
the source code and to a Fortran compiler in order to make it into a DLL 
that Trnsys17 can communicate with.

kind regards,

On 06/06/2018 02:35, Jibi Jais (지비 제이즈) via TRNSYS-users wrote:
> Hai!
> I am using TRNSYS 17 version.
> I want to add some tools to this version which are used in TRNSYS 18
> like
> ​type 103a​ - for PV
> type 1294​ -
> ​for ​
> T-Collector
> Can I do so?​ If so, how?
> ​Regards
> Jibi​
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