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   I do not think that the problem with the matrix inversion and the low 
flow rate in the active layer are necessarily related. I'm not sure what 
to suggest about the matrix inversion. The active layer model has a 
minimum allowable flow rate that is based on pipe spacing, the thickness 
of the layer(s) in which the pipes are embedded and the area of the 
floor. If you want to give a lower flow rate then you need to segment 
the floor, which means treating the floor like it was a few floors in 
series. Enter the desired minimum mass flow rate in the active layer 
definition screen. If it is below the minimum "allowed" mass flow rate 
then you'll have the option to segment the floor.

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On 06/04/2018 01:58, Karol Bandurski via TRNSYS-users wrote:
> Dear Experts
> I have problem with simulation TABS with specific mass flow rate about 
> 5.4 kg/hm2.
> There are two errors:
> 1)Specific fluid mass flow of active layer in surface  894 below 
> minimum value of 8.90 kg/m2h Please, increase the minimum mass flow 
> rate or use the autosegmentation feature of TRNBuild for subdividing 
> the surface.
> 2)Subroutine INVERT was called from subroutine INVPAR with a singular 
> matrix!
> I have increase number of loops 10 times but nothing change…
> It is possible to do simulation with so low mass flow rate?
> Kind regards,
> Karol
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