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  I would recommend that you look online for some accepted methods for 
dealing with ground coupling. I have seen the method that you suggest 
used but I have not seen any technical papers that present its results 
against an analytical solution or against measurements.

  The simplest method of which I am aware is the "f factor" approach. 
There is also a Type in the standard library (Type49) that couples a 
building to the ground through a slab. Another (Type1267) is available 
as an add-on for more complex building geometries that cannot be handled 
by Type49.

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On 01/04/2018 09:14, Yossef Ibrahimi wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm modelling a building, and for the ground coupling I'm using Type77 
> (Kusuda correlation) with the groud thermal properties, I'm also 
> adding 0.8m of soil into the ground floor layers + a masless layer 
> with the thermal resistance of soil (to reach 2m deep) with a timebase 
> of 3. Is this a correct way to model the ground coupling?
> Thank you

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