[TRNSYS-users] Component Order

maverickxxx1991 maverickxxx1991 at googlemail.com
Wed Feb 21 04:00:41 PST 2018


I’ve a system with a solar loop, a storage tank (type 340) and 4 heat exchangers running at different times. Sometimes more than one heat exchanger is running and then I get a „difference in power balance“ in type 340. How can I fix that problem? At the moment the storage tank is one of first components loaded, then the solar loop and at the end the heat exchangers in order 1 to 4. I think the problem is that first the storage tank is proofed by it’s temperatures. Than the solar loop load it if the temperatures are too low or not if they are too high. If the storage is load, the temperatures would change, but it’s not calculated after the solar loop again, so that the heat exchangers will proof the initial values of the storage tank and will transfer heat if the temperatures are high enough. They don’t take the new values after solar loop- The control is given at the solar loop and the heat exchanger by type 2b’s. 

Am I right? How can I fix that?

Best regards

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