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An access violation is a very generic error that can be caused by many 
different problems.

You may get a little more information about the cause of the error if 
you go into the component control cards in Simulation Studio and turn on 
"debug mode." This will cause your simulation to run a bit more slowly 
but will perform some additional checks that may lead you to a solution.

If that does not work then there should be a CVF66 compiler workspace 
already set up in the ..\Trnsys16\Compilers\ directory that will allow 
you to recompile the TRNDll itself. I would recommend that you add your 
component to the TRNDll project then run your simulation from the 
compiler (instead of from the Studio). This will allow you to step one 
line at a time through the code in your component and see where the 
access violation is taking place. There are some instructions on how to 
do this located in the 08-ProgrammersGuide manual.

Lastly, please be aware that Trnsys16 was replaced by v17 in 2009 and by 
v18 earlier this year. Official support for older versions continues for 
a year after the release of a new version. After that time the 
distributors try to provide help on earlier versions when they are able 
and have some spare time to do so.

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On 10/30/2017 03:10, 廖刚 via TRNSYS-users wrote:
> Dear TRNSYS user,
>    I'm trying to create a new component for a solar cooling system.I have installed the  CVF6.6 compiler and TRNSYS16.
> my component model code was compiled without error and the type201.dll was successfully generated,but when I trying to run it
> in the trnsys studio,I got an error "Access  violation at address 08E63E0F in module'Type201.dll'.Read of address 00000002 ".
> /Any help or hints greatly appreciated. Regards. LiaoGang /
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