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"The stagnation temperature is 200 C"

Did you calculate that from the efficiency equation parameters that you entered into the model or is that just a general statement from your literature search?

You can calculate the stagnation temperature for your particular collector from your efficiency equation by setting the flow rate (and therefore the efficiency) to zero and solving for the temperature difference (collector to ambient) at the peak solar radiation.  Then with any ambient temperature you know the collector stagnation temperature.  Pay careful attention to the units.

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> Hello everyone,
> I am using evacuated collector type 71. Generally in literature, it has been written that evacuated tube collectors  can`t reach temperatures higher than stagnation temperature which is 200 degree Celsius.
> But in doing simulation, it is reaching temperatures higher than 200 degree Celsius. 
> I will appreciate if anyone could  help me solve this doubt.
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