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MACIAS VICENTE, SERGIO SMACIAS at external.gamesacorp.com
Wed Oct 18 04:25:31 PDT 2017

Hello, my name is Sergio,

I am doing with Simulation Studio an energy model with diesel groups. My question is, if there is possibility of inserting into the diesel group type a consumption curve with more than two points. Currently I think there are two types, one of TRNSYS and another that you put the parameters by a .dat file. In my case I use the second, but only lets you enter two values of consumption.

Thank you

Best regards.

Sergio Macías Vicente
Offgrid Technical
Siemens Gamesa Offgrid
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Gamesa Corporación Tecnológica

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47400 Medina del Campo

smacias at external.gamesacorp.com<mailto:smacias at external.gamesacorp.com>

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