[TRNSYS-users] Debugging TRNSYS using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

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Fri Feb 24 02:51:02 PST 2017

To whom it may concern,


I’m finding some difficulties for TRNSYS code debugging using MVS2005. I was
able to build TRNSYS .dll using MVS compiler and launch TRNExe.exe through
compiler (Debug>Start without debugging) following the instructions from
TRNSYS manual 8 – Programmers guide (section


Now I’m struggling trying to do line to line debugging using MVS compiler.
Since I’m planning to develop some new components, I would like firstly
being able to understand how calculations are performed by doing compiler
line by line debugging (using breakpoints and so on). However I’m facing
unexpected problem when going for debugging, basically error message says:


Debugging information for ‘TRNExe.exe’ cannot be found or does not match.
Binary was not built with debug information. However when trying start
without debugging from compiler, TRNExe.exe is launched and asking for .dck
file, so I cannot really understand what is going wrong.


I would really appreciate getting any hint on that,


Kind Regards





Dr. Miguel Ángel Reyes Belmonte


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