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Ilyas and Pierre,

   Make sure too that the timestep you have chosen for your simulation 
is appropriate. TRNSYS controller models can make one control decision 
per timestep and if the timestep is too long then overheating and 
undercooling can occur, especially in zones that have lower thermal 
capacitance. I typically use timesteps ranging between 1 and 5 minutes 
for HVAC system simulations.

kind regards,


On 02/07/2017 18:19, Ilyas KHELIFA KERFAH wrote:
> Hello,
> I modeled with TRNSYS an apartment with heating in the corridor.  I 
> had a problem that the temperature of the rooms does not increase 
> gradually so I multiply the thermal capacitance * 50 in all the rooms 
> and the corridor. This model gave a good result for the rooms. But in 
> the corridor where the heating is installed, I find that the 
> temperatures increase and decrease in a single shot without warming 
> and cooling time rate.
> N.B. for the exchange of air between the pieces I put a pipe with a 
> flow of 450 kg / h between all the rooms. thank you.
> Best regards,
> Ilyas and pierre Etienne

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