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Tue Apr 18 14:25:25 PDT 2017

The TRNSYS Developer's Group is pleased to announce the release of 
version 18 of TRNSYS!

New features of TRNSYS 18 at a glance:


·  Documentation emphasis on learning to better use TRNSYS

· Hints and Tips documentation

· Parameter / Input / Output reference documentation

· Integrated TRNSYS-Dedicated Fortran Type Compiler (TypeStudio)

· Documented HVAC system examples

·  Detailed building / HVAC modeling introduction tutorial

· Additional documented examples


·  Integrated Fortran Compiler with a dedicated interface for use with 
TRNSYS (TypeStudio)

TRNBuild - User interface of the multizone building model

· TRNBuild Navigator extended to regime data (heating, cooling, 
ventilation, gains) and contructions data (layers, surfaces, windows) 
and schedules

· Use of longer names of airnodes and zones, construction types, etc. 

· Use of small letters for names of airnodes and zones, construction 
types, etc. possible

·  Added opaque surface types (wall, floor, ceiling,roof)

· Rename wall types to construction types

·  Updated glazing library

·  New schedule library

·  Added annual schedules

·  Added new gain library

·  New gain categories: lights, people, equipment, misc, thermal bridge

·  Reference area as a new parameter for each airnode

·  Area related definition of regime data types (heating, cooling, 
ventilation, gains) possible

·  Extended regime coupling of airnodes from 2 to 6

·  Added total renewable primary energy and total non-renewable primary 
energy for opaque layers and windows

·  Several new outputs (NTypes)

·  Description & unit for user-defined inputs.

·  TRNBuild v3.0.281; Type56 v128

·  Integrated tools: trnsIDF.exe v074, trnsIDFup.exe v112, trnvfm.exe 
v37, trnrad.exe v119, gentrn.dll v209, trnshdbui.dll v1.0.184

Multizone building model

·  Daylight depending control type

·  Dynamic daylight simulation for sensor points based on DaySIM

·  Comfort calculation extended to elevated air speed acc. ASHRAE 
Standard 55-2013, Appendix G

·  Complex fenestration model (Add-on)

·  Energy demand for supply air conditioning

Simulation Studio

·  Parametric runs

·  Updated 3D building project type including daylighting

·  Better interoperability: TMF files in XML, syle information in the 
deck file

·  Generated FORTRAN code updated for FORTRAN 90

·  Simplified dialogs: unused tabs are hidden, keyboard shortcuts

·  Improved connection window: sort variables by name, click on inbound 
variables first, delete key removes the selected connection, new 
keyboard shortcuts and map

·  Improved error report: opens automatically if there are errors, new 
design with tabs, improved filters (notice/warning/errors)

·  Simulation summary report activation

·  Numerous simplifications and bug fixes


·  Improved solar radiation interpolation

·  Updated psychrometric properties

·  Automatic report generation

New Components

·  8 new controller components

· 20 new HVAC air-side components

· 3 new links to other programs (Mathis, Python, CoolProp)

· 11 new hydronics components

· 2 new utility components

·  2 new electrical components

Contact your TRNSYS distributor for more information on the new version 
and learn how to upgrade to or purchase TRNSYS 18.



Timothy P. McDowell
Executive Vice President
Thermal Energy System Specialists, LLC
22 N Carroll St, Suite 370
Madison, WI 53703
office: 608-274-2577
cell: 608-225-5250

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