[TRNSYS-users] Heat exchangers network modelling problem

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Dr Belmonte,

   It is quite common and intentional that components would be called 
more than once at a single timestep. The TRNSYS engine iterates through 
the components until it gets a converged solution at each timestep from 
all the components in the system. If the system is a pass-through (i.e. 
the working fluid goes once through the system and there are no fluid 
loops anywhere in the system then I would not expect to see iterations 
but as soon as there is a feedback loop you should get iteration.

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On 04/03/2017 06:09, Miguel Angel Reyes via TRNSYS-users wrote:
> Hi all,
> I’m modelling a system using a network of heat exchangers for heat 
> recovery purposes (see attached picture).
> Heat exchanger calculations seems to be repeated many times for a 
> given time-step and their temperatures re-calculated within the same 
> time-step while other components on that model are not updated until 
> the next time step (as it should be). Problem observed at the 
> exchanger is leading to wrong temperature calculations. From our 
> understanding types should be only be called once every time-step, 
> furthermore heat exchangers network should be re-calculated taking the 
> temperature from connecting models. Is there any option or any idea to 
> bring light on this problem?
> Kinds regards
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