[TRNSYS-users] TRNSYS crashes after several runs

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   Could you send me the files required to run the simulation? Please 
send them directly to me and not to the mailing list.

kind regards,


On 06/28/2016 11:10, Victor Tulus wrote:
> Dear David,
> I have tried deleting all the devices that generate output files, as 
> you suggested, but the model still crashes at second run.
> I think Simulation Studio does not manage to start TRNExe, because as 
> soon as I press the "Run" button the window turns white and closes (as 
> usually do programs in Windows) with a standard message "A problem 
> caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the 
> program and notify you if a solution is available.".
> Maybe this is a Windows problem or a compatibility problem? But this 
> is not happening when I delete all the files except the .tpf and the 
> .b17 (the .dck, .bld, .log, .inf, etc).
> As far as I know none of these generated files (the .dck, .bld, .log, 
> .inf, etc) are needed to start the simulation, but they appear to be 
> the reason of the crash.
> Regards,
> Victor
> El mar., 28 jun. 2016 a las 17:38, David BRADLEY 
> (<d.bradley at tess-inc.com <mailto:d.bradley at tess-inc.com>>) escribió:
>     Victor,
>       I have never run into something like this before. It is a little
>     odd that it is the Simulation Studio crashing; the Studio doesn't
>     really do anything when the simulation is progressing. Once a
>     simulation is launched the Studio is idle. Also, when the Studio
>     crashes, does TRNExe continue to run? The two aren't linked in any
>     way so if one crashes the other ought to continue on.
>       My only guess is that there is some output file that is
>     accumulating from run to run. It is possible to set some of the
>     printer components so that they append to an existing file instead
>     of overwriting the file on each new run (for example Type25
>     parameter 7). Unless there is some reason to keep all the results
>     in a single file, you can select the "overwrite" option. One easy
>     way to check if the problem is one of the printers would be to
>     make some consecutive runs after temporarily deleting all the
>     devices that write to output files.
>     kind regards,
>      David
>     On 06/28/2016 01:56, Victor Tulus via TRNSYS-users wrote:
>>     Dear all,
>>     I have a TRNSYS model with a Type 56 building and a solar
>>     collector system attached to it.
>>     The original model was designed in TRNSYS 16, but I have recently
>>     managed to move it to TRNSYS 17 (the relatively difficult part
>>     was to update Type 56 to TRNSYS 17).
>>     When I run the model once, everything works fine. The problem
>>     starts when I do several consecutive runs (without any changes in
>>     the parameters). Sometimes the second run works perfectly as
>>     well, but on the third run the Simulation studio crashes without
>>     any warning.
>>     The only way I found to run many times the model was deleting all
>>     the files which are generated after the previous simulation has
>>     finished.
>>     Could you suggest something in order to avoid manual deleting of
>>     the output files?
>>     My concern is than in case I would like to do a parametric run or
>>     GenOpt optimization, will I have to manually delete the output
>>     files every time?
>>     Thank you in advance.
>>     Regards,
>>     Victor
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