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From: Sarah Wert <SarahWert at cmail.carleton.ca>
Date: Tue, Jun 7, 2016 at 2:06 PM
Subject: Fw: Trnsys3d
To: Kevin Khalaf <KevinKhalaf at cmail.carleton.ca>

*From:* hotline <hotline at Transsolar.com>
*Sent:* May 27, 2016 7:51 AM
*To:* Sarah Wert
*Subject:* AW: Trnsys3d

Dear TRNSYS-User,

Thank you for your interest in TRNSYS3d. Please find enclosed the link and
login for downloading the most recent TRNSYS3d Version. If you encounter
any problems feel free to contact us by *hotline at transsolar.com*
<hotline at transsolar.com>.

*Download of TRNSYS3d plugin for SketchUp *

Follow this Link to download TRNSYS3d:

Login:              TRNSYS3d

Password:       $jFKycct

*Note: *

*Install SketchUp*

Install SketchUp before installing TRNSYS3d

*Download and Install the right Version of TRNSYS3d*

For SketchUp 8       use T3d_SkUp8_setup.exe

For SketchUp 2013 use T3d_SkUp2013_setup.exe

For SketchUp 2014 use T3d_SkUp2014_setup.exe

For SketchUp 2015 use T3d_SkUp2015_setup.exe

For SketchUp 2016 use T3d_SkUp2016_setup.exe

*Activate the PlugIn (*only necessary in SketchUp 2016)

activate the checkbox Trnsys3d in the menu window->preferences->Extensions

Kind regards

Jakob Merk


Jakob Merk

TRNSYS Software Team

Transsolar Energietechnik GmbH

Curiestraße 2

70563 Stuttgart

Fax:        +49 711 67976-11

Email:    hotline at transsolar.com

Web:      www.trnsys.de

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Von: sarahwert at cmail.carleton.ca [mailto:sarahwert at cmail.carleton.ca]
Gesendet: 26 May 2016 21:38
An: hotline
Betreff: Trnsys3d

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Datum.....:          21:37:47 26.05.2016

Name......:          sarah

Firma.....:            Carleton University

E-Mail....:            sarahwert at cmail.carleton.ca

Tel.......:               613-520-2600

Strasse...: Colonel By drive 1125

Ort.......: K1S 5 Ottawa

Sprache...:          englisch



need plug in

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