[TRNSYS-users] Equation functions discription

Sandeep Singh Chahal chahals at uab.edu
Wed Feb 24 11:08:04 PST 2016

Hello TRNSYS user,

I am trying to write down an if condition using (gt) function in equation. Simulation time is Jan to Dec and goal is to charge the battery bank when solar power is more then energy consumption and draw power from battery bank when solar power is less then power consumption by a house.

>From Jan to April: battery state of charge gives acceptable results but after April it goes to negative infinity.

CAn any one share where I can find description for functions available in equation.( TRNSYS 17 ).

  I there if reference about it here http://lists.onebuilding.org/htdig.cgi/trnsys-users-onebuilding.org/2006-December/015165.html         ( I believe its for TRNSYS 16)


Sandeep Chahal


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