[TRNSYS-users] Air heat pump (Type938) - performance data with %RH

Jean Marais jeannieboef at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 21:42:21 PST 2016

Have you tried Mitsubishi? Also, some other simulation programs may have
free resources on their websites. EnergyPlus have some interesting datasets
when you install the program (it's free so easy to do). Sometimes a
manufacturer will have curves, sometimes tables. You can switch from one
format to the other with a bit of effort. Creating normalized curves for
cooling machines is probably the hardest thing you will experience
regarding building simulation, but once you figure it out and have a
reasonable spreadsheet, it's not that bad. Good luck.
On 8 Feb 2016 4:10 pm, "Michal Klimas" <michal.klimas at put.poznan.pl> wrote:

> Dear TRNSYS users,
> I'm trying to perform simulation using *air source heat pump *(Type938).
> I've contacted several manufacturers but could not obtain complete
> performance data.
> None of them has data as function of *%RH* *of outside air*, air temp.
> and water temp. leaving heat pump.
> Can anyone point out a manufacturer with a desired data or share dat
> file?
> kind regards
> Michal Klimas
> Poznan University of Technology
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