[TRNSYS-users] Error 24 - nMaxEquations ?

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Fri Aug 26 08:44:07 PDT 2016

Dear TRNSYS Users,

Trying to run a simulation, I get the error 24 :
"The size of the array which holds the operation codes for EQUATIONs and CONSTANTs in the TRNSYS input file has been exceeded. Try reducing the use of EQUATIONs and CONSTANTs in your input file if possible or increase the limit on the maximum numbr of equations that TRNSYS allows."

I understand that I have to increase the maximum allowable number of equations in the TrnsysConstants.f90 file, and then to recompile the TRNDll

I tried to read the Programmer's Guide but I don't understand how does it works to recompile the TRNDll in order for the changes to take effect (and I don't have a Fortran compiler yet...).

Does anyone have an idea to solve my problem ? (hard to remove equations from my project...)

Thank you
Best regards,

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