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Since controllers may oscillate between control states during a
timestep, most controller models in TRNSYS include some form of
"stickiness" where after a number of oscillations during a timestep the
control will "stick" to a control state. The introductory material of
the controllers section of the Mathematical Reference volume of the
manual set has a good discussion of "stickiness" in controller models. 

The warning message you see is informing you of the percentage of the
simulation time where the control has to stick to a control state. If
the percentage is low then there is likely nothing to worry about.
However, if the controller is stuck a high percentage of the time you
should likely look to some strategies to improve the convergence of your
model (reduce the timestep, change the order of your components, add
capacitance to your system, etc). If you controller is stuck 100% of the
time it is likely that your model is not well formed. 



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> Dear all, 
> I have a problem with my simultation: I have a building with multiple thermal zones and for each zone I have a type 108 for control my fancoil during the cooling season. 
> The simulation run but in the Lst file I have some 'warning' like: "the controller was stuck during xx percent of the time during the simulation". 
> What does it mean? 
> thanks, 
> Stefano 
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