[TRNSYS-users] New type creation in Trnsys

Sergio.Pintaldi at csiro.au Sergio.Pintaldi at csiro.au
Fri Jan 30 22:12:09 PST 2015

Usually when trnsys gets stuck is because:

-         The code run in an infinite loop (e.g. while loop with no exit condition from the loop)

-         You created a dynamically allocated array without delete it at the end of the code

Trnsys gives you an error ending the simulation if:

-         You have a division by 0 somewhere in the code

-         You are accessing an array in wrong way (e.g. index is wrong)

I don’t have other ideas why it gets stuck. Take in consideration that the most common error could be a division by zero or infinite loop.

Good luck,

Sergio Pintaldi

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Subject: [TRNSYS-users] New type creation in Trnsys

Dear All,

I created a new component in Trnsys, for that I used Compaq Visual Fortran V6.6.b as a compiler and Trnsys 16, I wrote all the equations and succeed to compile the program (Build/compile, then Build/Rebuild all) without no errors and no warnings, the dll was created successfully.

Now the thing is, when I tried to run the component in Trnsys, no errors appeared, but the TRNEXE was not responding!

Could any body help me please?

​Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto ​

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