[TRNSYS-users] Problems with Cooling Type Manager/Maximum above temperature

Ole Nienaber olenienaber at web.de
Wed Jan 28 03:35:18 PST 2015

Dear All,

I'm new here.
I have a problem with the cooling demand of a building zone.
I use the Cooling Type Manager to regulate my maximum temperature (24°c) 
in the zone. Also I use a schedule, because cooling isn't ON all the time.
So my formula for the Cooling Type Manager is: 24*SCHED+0. And here is 
the problem. If my schedule is OFF (=0), than, of course, the cooling 
cools down my room temperature on 0°C. But I just want control, that the 
room temperature never increase over 24°C. Is there another way I could 
do it?

Thanks a lot and I hope you all understand the problem.


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