[TRNSYS-users] TRNSYS Error message 105

Fabio Grossule fabietto90_grossu at hotmail.it
Mon Jan 12 07:34:17 PST 2015

Hi TRNSYS-users,
I built a model in TRNSYS but when I run the simulation it doesn't work and I keep on getting the following error message:
TRNSYS Message    105 : A TYPE was called in the TRNSYS input file but was either not linked into trndll.dll or was not found in an external dll. A dummy subroutine was called in its place. Please link the TYPE or remove it from the input file  Reported information  :  Type399 could not be located in either the trndll.dll or in an external dll. Please relink theTRNDll.dll including this Type or make sure that an external DLL in the \UserLib\DebugDLLs and \UserLib\ReleaseDLLs folders contain the Type.
The component 399 models phase change materials (PCM) and it's not included in the standard TRNSYS libraries.I consulted some previous discussion related to this topic and I did this:- I put the .dll file in the \UserLib\DebugDLLs and \UserLib\ReleaseDLLs folders- I put the sourcecode file .f90 in the TRNSYS folder Sourcecode/typesBut it doesn't work either.
I checked the .log file as well and there is written:
Notice at time        :         0.000000    Generated by Unit     : Not applicable or not available    Generated by Type     : Not applicable or not available    Message               : "Type399.dll" was found but did not contain any components from the input file.
So I think that there might be a problem in the deck file.
Please, do you have any suggestions about how to fix the error?
Best regards,Fabio 		 	   		  
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