[TRNSYS-users] Problem when using a different *.b17 file

David BRADLEY d.bradley at tess-inc.com
Tue Oct 21 13:10:52 PDT 2014

  There isn't anything wrong with the *.b17 and once you have got a 
*.b17 the *.idf is no longer relevant (unless you need to make geometry 
changes or want to use the sketchup result viewer. My guess would be 
that the Studio project file (*.tpf) is corrupted. Try creating a new 
(empty) Studio project then drag out Type56 (Loads and Structures: 
Multi-Zone Building: Type56), then open the External Files tab and point 
it toward your *.b17 file. If you want to be nice to TRNSYS, type the 
entire path to the *.b17 file.

On 10/21/2014 11:52, Paul McKenna wrote:
> I created a new TRNSYS project with a 3d multizone building and the 
> simulation runs with no issues. I then modified the building in 
> TRNBuild and saved it under a different name. When I change to the new 
> building (*.b17 file) in Simulation Studio by altering the path in the 
> "External Files" section of the Building Type, Simulation Studio crashes.
> The error message reads "A problem caused the program to stop working 
> correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution 
> is available."
> The strange thing is that this happens even if I select the same *.b17 
> file that was being used originally i.e. going into "External Files" 
> and selecting the same file that is already loaded and working properly.
> I am just wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem, or knows 
> where I should start troubleshooting.
> I have tested with one of the example building projects and there is 
> no problem there which would lead me to believe that there is some 
> problem either with the *.idf file or the *.b17 file. However, this 
> doesn't seem to be the case as the simulations run without a problem. 
> I have attached both of these files.
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